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Welcome to Morris Trails Partnership

The Morris Trails Partnership is the steward of our trails in Morris County.

The Partnership is a not-for-profit membership organization made up of people who love to hike, bike or ride a horse and enjoy the beauty that is Morris County’s heritage or just the thrill of being outdoors.

The Partnership depends on grants, donations from individuals and dedicated volunteers to maintain, design and build trails throughout Morris County. It’s a community effort. That’s why our trails are some of the best in New Jersey! Some of the work we do inludes:

  • Restoration of native woodlands after trails are rerouted Reduce erosion damage on trails
    Construct trails for multi-use enjoyment
  • Reconstruct multi-use trails in Lewis Morris County Park and foot traffic only trails at Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area
  • Provide GPS, design and mapping resources to towns and parks county-wide

Please consider becoming a part of the Morris Trails Partnership. Our trail crew is hard at work on trails throughout the county.

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PO Box 1295, Morristown, NJ 07962-1295 morristrails@gmail.com